Industrial Marking Systems

Integration of all your identification needs

Redstart//Design has gained a good reputation for its integration of industrial identification & traceability systems.
Within the company we have the expertise to understand and provide bespoke solutions to a customer’s specific requirements.

We can provide a simple manual stand alone machine or a fully integrated production system.

Cameras and vision systems are becoming increasingly important in many areas, even with the basic systems vision recognition can help reduce operator error and make sure recall or product non-conformance is greatly reduced. Systems are designed for many different situations over a wide range of industries and end users.
Below is some of the equipment Redstart//Design uses in its industrial identification & traceability systems:

Special ‘VIN’ Marking Systems (Auotomotice, Aerospace & Food Industries)

  • Our focus as a company is providing the right solution at the right price to the right specification. We always aim to provide you the customer with a single source, bespoke solution for any of your industrial identification & traceability system requirements.Systems can be custom-built including all software-interfaces to HOST units responsible for the production control. These systems are usually fully or semi-automatic.

Traditional Marking Technology:

  • Hand held stamping tools (manually/pneumatically operated)
  • Roll marking machines (manually/electrically/hydraulically operated)
  • Engraved stamps, steel types and type holders
  • Numbering heads

Drag or Scribe Marking:

  • Markers as stand alone units and for integration into production, assembly and measuring lines.

Dot Peen / Pinstamp / Data Matrix:

  • Stand alone units, integrated units and special systems also in connection with reading (vision) systems.

Laser Technology:

  • Many different types of lasers are now available for product marking, etching and traceability. Redstart Design specialises in integrating lasers into a production environment