Control Systems

Making things happen….

Reliable, robust and logical operation is at the heart of any automated control system.

At Redstart Design we have the engineers and experience to take your requirements or ideas and translate them into cost effective quality solution in a timely manner.

Whether your requirement is for a simple single axis drive or a multi axis servo system capable of synchronised vectored moves we can provide a solution to your automation control problem. We can provide systems based upon PCs, PLCs or dedicated motion controllers all networked into your factory monitoring, PVS or QLS system as required.

Robotic solutions provide an alternative, more flexible arrangement compared to traditional bespoke machinery. Their multiple degrees of freedom and scalability often make them a more appropriate choice. Advances in technology have made robotic control much more viable and cost effective for even the smallest or basic of tasks.

When we use a vision system with an automated system we are able to provide solutions for a vast array of applications ranging from simple alignment to fully automatic processes or component assembly. Because we deliver an integrated solution you avoid the all too frequent problem of one vendor playing off against another in the event of those unavoidable Gremlins when commissioning the system.

When required we can produce custom electronics and control panels in the form of signal conditioning and data acquisition modules permitting us to correctly interface with the production line or operational process
In addition to the software development and design we can also provide operator training and system support.