Vauxhall - Body VIN Marking System

Fully Automatic Body VIN Marking System

Vauxhall - Vivaro Van, Luton

Body VIN Marking System


Vauxhall required a body VIN marking system to mark its VIVARO van on its production line. It needed to be strong, robust, reliable and be within the budget Vauxhall had set…. Which wasn’t the biggest….

Redstart Design was ideally placed to help Vauxhall and its engineers. The design we offered is similar to others we have done in the past. Each plant always wants something slightly different though, and Vauxhall wanted something complete bespoke to their production line….which is never an issue for us and our skilled engineers.

The Vin Stamp Unit used and Ostling Scribe marking head and followed the listed process of operation automatically upon vehicle entry to the working envelope / area:

Vehicle transfers from Drop Section to Trim Process Conveyor
Vehicle data is transferred to the Stamp Control Unit, the system will verify this is the correct data.
At a designated point of access to the area, the Vin Stamp Unit attaches to the vehicle in the correct location to begin stamping
Upon verification that the unit is secure to the vehicle, the unit will start the stamping process
Upon completion of the stamp a vision system checks the stamp is correct and clearly visible.
The unit then detaches itself from the vehicle and returns to the home position, ready for the next vehicle
Should a defect within the Stamp be identified the unit will alarm and inform relevant personnel. At this time it should be able to inform the system to re-stamp the vehicle if required or transfer to the on line manual back up stamper.
Back Up System:

A back-up system was also provided consisting of a second marking head complete with all tooling and clamp systems mounted on a balancer arm.

As part of the system design the backup marking system was able to cross or ‘X’ out an existing VIN number and then mark a new VIN number below the crossed out number in one continuous operation. 


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