Jaguar - XK VIN Marking System

VIN on Suspension Turret

Jaguar Cars

XK VIN Marking System

The Project:

We were asked to provide a single VIN marking sytem for both the Jaguar XK (X150) & Jaguar F-type (X152) vehicles.

This was not straight forward as both vehicles go down the same production line and the mark locations on each turret were differnet.

We used a Telesis SC5000 scibe marking system. We reduced its size for this project and mounted it in our custom designed tooling system

It has its own dedicated Redstart VIN software to control the tooling and the VIN information received from JLR and sent to the marking system.

It had a custom line side storage and test facility to allow test marks to be produced

The system is currently on the production line marking each vehicle with its unique VIN.


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